Dee’s Veggie Curry

This easy veggie curry will please the whole family and it is full of goodness! You can prepare the chopped veggies earlier to make the meal even easier. I’ve been making this curry for ages and it began with my love of throwing together a meal with ingredients I already had in the kitchen. Over […]

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What a mouthful!

Here we have a chickpea, peanut butter, choc chip, gluten free cookie…Yes I know it’s a mouthful…. but trust me it’s worth it. Made from a recipe passed onto me, so sorry I’m not sure where this recipe originated from but I’m sure glad the handwritten recipe landed in my lap! It might look like […]

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Pappadums with peanut butter

It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?! Has anyone else tried this crunchy combo? It really is the ultimate gluten free snack… Pappadums with peanut butter are even my favourite breakfast! All it takes is 1 minute in the microwave then spread the peanut butter on top. Try it! 👌🏻😉

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